New iPad成为第一个支持低功耗蓝牙的平板电脑

New iPad是苹果公司继iPhone 4S, Mac mini 和 MacBook Air之后第四个支持最新蓝牙技术Bluetooth Smart Ready(兼容传统蓝牙和低功耗蓝牙BLE)的产品,也是首个支持此技术的平板电脑。

New Apple iPad

New iPad joins Apple's growing lineup of Bluetooth Smart Ready devices

The new iPad is the world's first Bluetooth Smart Ready tablet, giving it the same advanced ability of the iPhone 4S, Mac mini and MacBook Air to connect to today's billions of Bluetooth devices and growing array of low energy Bluetooth Smart devices.

See why CNET calls the addition of Bluetooth v4.0 to the iPad a "game changer."

This massive ecosystem is expected to expand remarkably within the next two years, with 2 billion Bluetooth enabled devices shipping in 2012 and 3 billion expected to ship in 2014, according to ABI Research, Inc.

As a Bluetooth Smart Ready hub, the new iPad is not only ready to connect to classic Bluetooth devices like mice, keyboards, and wireless speakers, but also to the swelling collection of amazing new Bluetooth Smart devices that can run on a small battery for up to a year.

Apps for the new iPad can transform information coming from Bluetooth Smart device sensors from mere data to useful information, whether the sensor is strapped to your chest, on your wrist, inside your bike pedal, embedded in your shoe or placed somewhere else. Manufacturers can release iPad apps for their Bluetooth Smart devices, or third-party software developers can create apps for them using Apple's API. Learn more.


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